Matthew Stitt


I find the world very stressful. My artwork is a stress relief for me and I try to portray a whimsical point of view in the work I do. I love twisting human portraits and animal hybrids. I am influenced by Dali and Magritte. Not so dreamy but my work is heavily influenced by the fantasy work of the artist.

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Matthew has been pursuing a professional art career for a few years. He started painting digitally using a Samsung phone and pen and eventually moved to a large 12 in I-pad.

The digital paintings are done using Procreate. The digital medium is ink and charcoal. Each painting takes 4 to 8 hours depending on content.

Each painting has a story and a place in the artist timeline. New painting are almost always in the works and they get increasingly complex.

Outside of digital painting Matthew is a software tester in Lansing. He has four daughters and a pair of grandsons.

Matthew has a home in Stockbridge

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