Unique Portraits

Request unique portraits from your special photographs

Accepting new Reference Photos for this project.

Looking for references from everyday life to be added to my new animal kingdom.

Matthew - Artist

Limited Edition Signed Prints

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All designs are limted to 15 prints,including the artist's copy. The prints can be placed on multiple items: Posters, canvas, shirts, mugs...etc. Once 15 is reached the print will be retired. Retirement being no additional prints created from the original.

Featured Art of the Month

Artist Self Reflection

"Painted using a reference from a Chicago trip. The artist spends a lot of time reflecting on the ideas that appear within his head."

Using Charcoal and Ink tools

Artist Self Reflection

"Always a fan of Renee Magritte, the artist painted this inspired piece."

Using Charcoal and Ink tools