Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

All designs are limted to 15 prints,including the artist's copy. The prints can be placed on multiple items: Posters, canvas, shirts, mugs...etc. Once 15 is reached the print will be retired. Retirement being no additional prints created from the original.

The Fishermen have a simple premise. A fish head on a human body in a real world situation. I really wanted to establish to myself that I could even complete a full series with multiple characters and detailed background.

Fisherman Series


The Fishermen - 2018

Inspired by an old painting of three fishermen. This started the fishermen series. I love the older-type colors of this piece. It's a popular piece. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.


The Dentist - 2019

Inspired by the scary thought of an angular fish working on my teeth. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.


The Church

Inspired by a challange to add multiple characters to a piece. Its something that I wasn't sure I could accomplish. Still unsure why I added a bear :)


The Church Clap

Inspired by a photograph taken when my family and some friends were dancing to a popular Church Clap song. This is also a study on multiple characters.