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Unfinished Work


All designs are limted to 15 prints,including the artist's copy. The prints can be placed on multiple items: Posters, canvas, shirts, mugs...etc. Once 15 is reached the print will be retired. Retirement being no additional prints created from the original.

The Unfinished work. I've always liked looking at the work in progression. Curious to remember what I went through and when in each part of the process. Below are the most recent.

The Pieces


The Shooter - 2019

Started in Dec 2019, this is the starter piece for the Birdman series. Series rules, dictate that the head must be a bird. Also, for an added challenge the series tries to draw on emotional subjects. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.


The Prom Date - 2020

Inspired by a wonderful portrait taken of my daughter and her boyfriend. This will start my first Ad Campaign when its finished. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.


Coffee from Heaven - 2020

Inspired by a photograph of my daughter on a Washington DC bridge. Another member of the Birdman series. Currently stuck due to a large bush on the right side. Still trying to figure out how to draw it. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.


The Bride - 2020

Character taken for The Honeymoon. Display of the finished character and the reference photo. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.