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Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

All designs are limted to 15 prints,including the artist's copy. The prints can be placed on multiple items: Posters, canvas, shirts, mugs...etc. Once 15 is reached the print will be retired. Retirement being no additional prints created from the original.

This was the first series, inspired very much by the interesting thought "What if I had a Hippo." Inspired by this thought I began to work on the scene. The others below followed and you have the series.

Featured Pieces


What if I had a Hippo- 2016

Inspired by a thought. What would a hippo do if it sat in my yard. This was also a study to see if I could draw in this new digital medium. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.


What if I had an Elephant - 2016

Inspired by so many issues with that truck. I imagined an elaphant lift to help work on the truck. This was from a photo of the parking lot at work. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.


The Forest Shark

Inspired by a walk in the woods. The thought of a shark in the woods is terrifying. Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.


What if I had a Zebra

Inspired by a request to make a zebra piano I drew a zebra playing a piano. Would a zebra play, if it had a chance? Drawn using ink and charcoal tools.